Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Beth Frizzell and I write about giftedness as it has related to my life and my studies.

I have been a student of gifted education in some form or another for many years: as a gifted child, a parent of gifted children, and finally a teacher of the gifted. There are many delightful surprises to the gifted child. They learn quickly, make connections to seemingly unrelated topics easily, and have a great ability to understand things in the abstract far earlier than their peers.

Contrary to popular belief, being gifted is not always easy. It often includes the challenges of dealing with intense emotions, hyper-sensitivities, and feeling isolated. Gifted children and adults can struggle with depression, imposter syndrome, and how to find their place in this world.

Join me as I share my journey through giftedness while also learning about myself, my children, and my students. Please leave a comment if you feel a connection to something I post. Thank you for following my blog!

Beth Frizzell