Hello, my name is Beth Frizzell. I am a Talented and Gifted Specialist teacher near Austin, Texas and am also currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Educational Psychology.

I feel passionate about many things, but one of them is the topic of giftedness. I am surrounded by gifted children and adults and find this topic relevant to my daily life. Striving to understand the unique characteristics of this population has been an academic and personal focus of mine for many years.

I am also a mother of two gifted adults and have quite a few family members, including my wonderful husband, who would also qualify as gifted. Now, they might disagree with me, but the signs, characteristics, strengths, abilities, and frustrations of all it means to be gifted are definitely there. My children and I were identified during our school years as being gifted. Whether we, or my family, were labeled with that term or not, the fact would still remain that we all face the challenges and experience the delights of being gifted.

With this blog, I am seeking to share my stories and revelations about what it means to be gifted in order to help others who struggle or revel in this with regard to their own lives. I hope you will join me!

Beth Frizzell